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//Bismillahirahmanirahim\\ Alhamdulillah, masih diberi kesempatan untuk merasai 2017 walaupun its already july 😋 and its mean i dah officially 19! (3 months ago)💕💕💕 hahaaha lama beb tak jenguk this blog, lama tak update 😢 maafla sis busy huhu lama tak lama, sempat la jugak habis asasi! hahahahha😂 more than setahun beb tak update blog. i wish i akan ada masa for myself and this blog 😗 at least i hv someplace utk luah bila koyak💔💔 hehe well sis manusia biasa yg ada perasaan jugak lololol thats all for today😬 since this post just to prove that i hidup lagi alhamdulillah💖 btw, may Allah ease everything for      those yg amik muet sesi july 2017! All the best dear 

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